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Improve Your Online Marketing without Spending a Cent

Learn how creating helpful relationships can improve your online business.

Connecting with your target audience.
Connecting with your target audience.

When I was travelling to Kenya on a medical missions trip I had no idea what to expect.  What type of “tribe” culture would I experience and how to do basic things while staying safe and hygienic.  The group leader had everyone over for a dinner a month before the trip and discussed what we might experience and see while on our trip.  This one event helped calm my nerves about travelling to an unknown foreign country.

 How does your company help people who are getting ready to take a trip?  Ease their worries about their travel through forums, providing helpful information and useful blog posts.  Here is a great example…

Why?  Because not only are you helping your customer but you are taking the time to reach out to them and build a relationship by being helpful.  This relationship will prove to be the best type of marketing because your customers will come back again and again to do trips with you.

 Instead of focusing on selling your product, try using your marketing to establish a useful relationship with your target audience and then when they want to travel they’ll seek you out.

Benefits of Helping Your Prospects Online

By marketing your business to help your clients and building strong relationships you can:
–  increase your rank in organic searches
–  provide better customer service
–  receive more conversions by addressing the needs of your target audience
–  retain clients by helping solve their problems
–  improve the travel experience
–  and more

So how can you improve your online marketing?

Try finding ways to help your client.

No matter how big or small your online travel business is you can make an improvement in the effectiveness of your marketing by focusing on 90% helping and 10% selling.

Share your ideas below about how you’re helping your travel clients and get useful feedback.

Or contact me to brainstorm some ideas.