Strategic Marketing Principles From a Soccer Competition

Connecting with your target audience.

This year the general public is getting exposure to the World Cup.  Brazil has made it into a cultural marketing event and you can use the same principles in your marketing.

Take a look around your chain grocery store and you will see some sort of advertisement for the World Cup.  But it goes beyond Coke cans with the symbol on them, there are employees with t-shirts and cookies shaped like soccer balls in World Cup colors.  There are ingredients to make salsa and enjoy various aspect of World Cup culture and some South American culture.


Airplane wing overlooking the montrose valley

In the end all of this is really good marketing.

Who do you think that advertising is for?  It isn’t for the die-hard fans of the World Cup, they are in Brazil.  It isn’t for the other people who follow the World Cup and made their preparations about where they were going to watch it, last month.

It is for the newbies.  The people who don’t have any exposure to the world of soccer, but with some cookies and salsa they too can experience the World Cup culture.

There are only a couple of other sporting events that have a distinct culture surrounding them that trickles down to what kind of food you eat during that event, the Superbowl and the Olympics.

So how did Brazil make a soccer competition into a global marketing event that was focused on including new people into World Cup culture?  They reached out to their target audience through their food.

If you want to reach your target audience find out how to easily relate to them by getting your marketing in front of them when they least expect it, in a helpful way.

Boost the Effectiveness of Your Print Advertisements

Connecting with your target audience.
Connecting with your target audience.

Puzzled about how to combine print and online media?  Try adding a social media symbol on your advertisements and articles.

While looking through a magazine I was surprised to find a small YouTube sign next to several of the items.  When I went on YouTube there was a simple demonstration of how the item worked.  And after viewing it I thought “how cool.”

It was like having a live demonstration in front of me and anyone in business knows how effective a live demonstration can be.

So with one little symbol you can get your target audience online and increase their emotional connection to your product or service.  You are helping your prospect see a different, improved version of themselves if they were to buy your product or service.

Here are some examples of how you could use this technique to attract a target audience of tourists:

Horseback Riding: On your pamphlets put a symbol for Pinterest and show the reader that they can go online and experience your services through pictures and special interest boards.


Winery: Show a YouTube symbol on a newspaper advertisement to get prospects to go online and watch a short video testimonial from a satisfied customer that loved your wine tour.

The idea is that you can help increase your sales process by letting your customer engage with your product through social media.  You can share testimonials, pictures, links and articles all to improve the buying experience for your target audience.

Let me know how you combine your print and media advertisements below.

Or if you want help getting ideas…

Improve Your Online Marketing without Spending a Cent

Learn how creating helpful relationships can improve your online business.

Connecting with your target audience.
Connecting with your target audience.

When I was travelling to Kenya on a medical missions trip I had no idea what to expect.  What type of “tribe” culture would I experience and how to do basic things while staying safe and hygienic.  The group leader had everyone over for a dinner a month before the trip and discussed what we might experience and see while on our trip.  This one event helped calm my nerves about travelling to an unknown foreign country.

 How does your company help people who are getting ready to take a trip?  Ease their worries about their travel through forums, providing helpful information and useful blog posts.  Here is a great example…

Why?  Because not only are you helping your customer but you are taking the time to reach out to them and build a relationship by being helpful.  This relationship will prove to be the best type of marketing because your customers will come back again and again to do trips with you.

 Instead of focusing on selling your product, try using your marketing to establish a useful relationship with your target audience and then when they want to travel they’ll seek you out.

Benefits of Helping Your Prospects Online

By marketing your business to help your clients and building strong relationships you can:
–  increase your rank in organic searches
–  provide better customer service
–  receive more conversions by addressing the needs of your target audience
–  retain clients by helping solve their problems
–  improve the travel experience
–  and more

So how can you improve your online marketing?

Try finding ways to help your client.

No matter how big or small your online travel business is you can make an improvement in the effectiveness of your marketing by focusing on 90% helping and 10% selling.

Share your ideas below about how you’re helping your travel clients and get useful feedback.

Or contact me to brainstorm some ideas.

How Being Helpful Will Improve Your Marketing

Connecting with your target audience.
Connecting with your target audience.

Recently, I opened a container of gelato ice cream and found under the lid a wonderful example of how to help your customers while marketing your business.

On the lid it invited me to use my phone and scan a qr code in order to listen to a concerto played by musicians in 3D on my phone.  Here’s the helpful part “When it’s (the concerto is) completed, your ice cream will have softened to the perfect taste.” Check it out here.

Why is this so brilliant, besides the 3D graphics?

In one minute this company:
–  Appealed to their target audience with a concerto
–  Helped fill the ice cream wait time with something engaging to watch
–   Created a visual, auditory and taste filled experience
–   Encouraged their clients to go online and interact with their product
–   Engaged future  and current clients with an concerto timer app

How can you use “helping” to improve your marketing?

Find ways of sharing useful information to meet the needs, fulfill the desires and solve the problems of your target audience.  Focus on helping 90% of the time and then share your product 10% of the time.  This establishes a relationship with your target audience so when they do need help they come to you.

You can use the concept of helping your prospect for any type of business.  How have you helped your travel customers lately?  Share your ideas below.

If you haven’t, I can help you brainstorm some ideas.

How To Use Stories To Drive Traffic

Creating relationships with great content.With one picture and three sentences you can share a story that engages your audience and makes them want to visit your website to learn more.

You don’t have to tell the whole story.  Just give enough information to intrigue people.

Part #1: Start a story – Tell them who and give them a benefit of their experience and people will want to know more.

Part #2: Share graphics or a picture – Include a cute, interesting, engaging, different photo with your story to catch the reader’s eye.

Part #3: Include a link – The most important part is the link at the bottom of the story.  Write “View the story at” and put the story up on your website so that people can easily find it.  It doesn’t need to be long just a couple of paragraphs but at the end you need to let your reader know what you want them to do next with another link or a comments section.

You can share this story across your social media, in an advertisement online or in print and on your website.  Just remember to make it as easy as possible to share, like and follow your story.

Have you used this for your travel business?  Leave comments below.

Let me know if you would like to learn more about how to include stories in your marketing plan.

Creating relationships with great content.

The Road to Eldorado: Searching for Amazing Blogging Ideas Part 2

Focus your message.
Focus your message.

Next ask yourself how can I share useful information with my target audience to help them accomplish their wants, needs and desires?

When you open your search engine in the morning do you click on the “How All Videos are Corrupting Convicts” blog? Or will you open the one with “How to Plan a Weekend Getaway for Under $100” blog?  The one with useful information has a much better chance of being opened than the one with random information.

Now you have your map and you know your audience, how do you get ideas?  Share the information that you already know.  Anything that relates to your audience could be a good blog.  Use your experience, articles, e-newsletters, other blogs, customer feedback from social media or questions from your business.  If you can adapt the idea to your audience’s needs then you have a blog idea and the sky’s the limit.

When you have a very tight focus on what you want to do with your blog and who you are targeting, ideas can come from anywhere as long as they relate back to your audience.  With a focused plan, the search for gold seems a lot easier.

If you would like to learn more send me an email. Or leave a comment below.

The Road to Eldorado: Searching for Amazing Blogging Ideas Part 1

The Road to Eldorado: Searching for Amazing Blogging Ideas Part 1

Focus your message.
Focus your message.

Similar to the search for gold, figuring out how to get good ideas for your blog can seem like a never ending quest.  So instead of just starting a blog because “it will help your business” make it easier on yourself and before you start writing, plan your actions using the following information.

First, you need to know what you want to accomplish with a blog, this is your message.  This will keep you super focused and help avoid being overwhelmed with thousands of topics to write on.

Secondly, who is your target audience?  If you aren’t trying to write for everyone you can tailor your message.  Pick a certain niche, demographic, age range, or type of audience (i.e. hobbyists) and focus on their wants, needs and desires.  Getting the right idea for your blog comes less from creativity and more from being specific about who you are targeting.

So think about those two questions and what is the purpose of your blog?  Look for The Road to Eldorado: Part 2.

Contact me with any questions or leave a comment below.

Build Your Online Business

Do you know the importance of marketing but tired of trying stale social media?

Do you want to know simple steps to improve your ranking but don’t know where to start?

Do you want fast results from emails but long lasting benefits from e-newsletters?

Do you need help connecting your travel business with your target audience?

Many businesses don’t use the internet as effectively as they could.  You could be leaving money on the table.

Your webpage is the front of your business.  When you need action to be taken you need powerful words.

Your company will see increased sales when you create a satisfying experience for every visitor by:

–  increasing the content on your website through blogs and e-newsletters
–  creating stronger bonds with consumers by sharing valuable content
–  utilizing analytics, SEO and keyword usage to increase your online rating
–  improving your sales message to increase your membership rates and sales
–  promoting your product with intriguing emails that get click throughs
–  reaching out on social media to connect with potential prospects

I can streamline your webpage, increase your sales and boost your online relationships.  

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